Peru Taste: Highlights

Jan 21, 2009

Rinconcito de Tiabaya

Address: Manuel Irribaren 962 (former San Miguel), Surquillo
Phone: 446-9628
Web page:
This 50 years old restaurant is located in the middle of a low/middle class area. It is not a fancy restaurant but one that can transport you back in time to a traditional Arequipenian picantería of mid 20th century.

They offer traditional Arequipenian dishes like adobo de chancho, rocoto relleno, malaya frita, sarza de patitas, caldo blanco, cuy chactado (fried guinea pig), among many other.

The surrounding area is probably not the safest to walk around so it is advisable to arrange safe transportation to be dropped and picked up.
Price Range: Inexpensive

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