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Jan 5, 2009

Antica Pizzería

Av. 2 de Mayo 724, San Isidro
Av. Prolongación San Martín 201, Barranco
Av. Primavera 275, Chacarilla, San Borja
C.C. Sur Plaza Boulevard, Asia
Jr. Napo (half a block from the Main Plaza), Iquitos
422-7939 (San Isidro)
247-3443 (Barranco)
372-2698 (San Borja)
794-2818 (Asia)
(65) 241988 (Iquitos)
Web page:
This restaurant has locations in a couple of upscale districts of Lima and in downtown Iquitos. They are decorated in a very rustic style with wood, logs, stone and old lamps and candles.

They offer several different kinds of excellent pizzas, all cooked in their wood-fired ovens. They also have many Italian dishes based on pasta and meat.
Price Range: Expensive

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