Peru Taste: Highlights

Dec 3, 2008

Rincón Chami

Address: Esperanza 174, Miraflores
Phone: 444-4511
Web page:
This restaurant is located in a small street less than a block away from Plaza Kennedy (the Main Plaza of Miraflores). It is not a big or fancy restaurant but it has been there for quite a long time with good food that it can be consider a classic. Since the street is not that crowded and noisy you can enjoy your food in the outside tables.

They serve traditional creole Peruvian dishes and desserts like lomo saltado (sauted beef), tacu tacu, carapulcra, papa a la huancaína, seco de cordero, ají de gallina and cebiche, among many other.

The service is fast and good, although sometimes not as friendly as you would like.
Price Range: Inexpensive to moderate

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