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Jun 6, 2008

La Negrita

Address: Monterrey 263, Chacarilla del Estanque, Surco

Phone: 372-5096

Web page:

This is a small restaurant, bar and cafe located in front of Centro Comercial Caminos del Inca. It has a sober and comfortable decoration with mirrors on one side and a mural with sea motifs covering the opposite wall.

They offer a variety of cebiches and other seafood dishes like tiradito (kind of a cebiche without onions and usually covered with some kind of sauce), parihuela (spicy thick soup with fish, shellfish and crabs), jalea (fried seafood on top of a fried fish filet covered with an onions salad), different fish filets, etc. They have special combos for two or more people.

They treat you with canchita and chifles (roasted corn and slices of fried banana) and choritos a la chalaca (mussels covered with lemon juice, onions, corn, parsly, hot chili ppeper, pepper and salt).

Price Range: Moderate

Choritos a la ChalacaChoritos a la ChalacaCebiche MixtoCebiche Mixto

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