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Jun 30, 2008

El Rinconcito Arequipeño

Address: Bernardo Alcedo 514, Lince
Phone: 471-6484
Web page:
This more than 30 years old restaurant offers a great variety of traditional Arequipenian dishes. It is not a fancy restaurant but the food is good and the dishes are loyal to the Arequipenian tradition. It is located in the heart of Lince, a middle-class district in Lima.

They have ocopa (a delicious spicy sauce prepared with yellow chili pepper, cheese, huacatay and peanuts, served on top of boiled yellow potatoes and decorated with lettuce, boiled eggs and olives), rocoto relleno (stuffed hot chili pepper), different sarzas (an spicy onion salad with shellfish or pig/lamb feet) like sarza de tolinas, sarza de lapas and sarza de patitas, soups like caldo blanco, chaque de tripas (a thick soup with meat, tripe, potatoes, ají panca and vegetables), chairo and adobo (spicy stew of pork marinated in chicha de jora, ají panca, garlic and cumin, slowly cooked with onions, cinnamon and white pepper and then served with bread to be soaked in it), and main course dishes like malaya frita, costillar de cordero (fried lamb ribs), cuy chactao (fried guinea pig), and many other dishes. The camarón (shrimp) dishes, in their different forms, are really good. Finally, refresh yourself with Arequipenian chicha de jora (prepared with purple corn).
Price Range: Moderate

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