Peru Taste: Highlights

Jun 30, 2008

D'nnos Pizza

Address: For a list of all their locations see their web page.
Av. Dos de Mayo 790, San Isidro
Av. Comandante Espinar 408, Miraflores
Av. Benavides 1931, Miraflores
Av. Las Artes Sur 110, San Borja
Phone: 219-0909 (Delivery). You can also order online.
Web page:
This is a Peruvian chain of pizzerias. with small restaurants located in the main districts of Lima. You can eat in the restaurants, order to go or ask for delivery (most common).

If you are a meat lover then the Taipa, Carnívora or Bestia are for you, otherwise the Vegetariana, Mediterránea or Margarita are you options. They have more than 20 different varietues of pizza from where to mix and order.
Price Range: Moderate

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