Peru Taste: Highlights

Feb 1, 2008

La Casa del Pisco

Address: Germán Schreiber 144, San Isidro
Phone: 440-5272, 9954-2562, 9933-4200
Web page:
This restaurant opens at lunch time and offers criollo dishes like tacu tacu, lomo saltado, seco and adobo.
On Friday nights it opens as a bar and peña criolla where you can enjoy a criollo show (live criollo music and poetry) while drinking pisco prepared in several ways. If you order Golpe Criollo (kind of a stylish version of a res) you will get a jar of pisco, another one of soda, some lemon juice, syrup and ice in order for you to prepare your own Chilcanos (see Pisco).
Price Range: Inexpensive to moderate

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