Peru Taste: Highlights

Feb 21, 2008

Club Departamental Arequipa

Address: Av. República de Chile 190, Jesús María
Phone: 433-2320, 433-8715
Web page:
This restaurant is located on the second floor of Club Departamental Arequipa, in an old republican style mansion very close to downtown.
It is not a fancy restaurant and it offers traditional Arequipenian dishes like rocoto relleno (stuffed hot chili pepper), adobo (spicy stew of pork marinated in chicha de jora, ají panca, garlic and cumin, slowly cooked with onions, cinnamon and white pepper and then served with bread to be soaked in it), sarzas (onion salads with lamb or pig feet), cuy chactado (deep fried guinea pig), among other dishes, as well as regional sodas.
Price Range: Inexpensive

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