Peru Taste: Highlights

Jan 2, 2008

Empanadas Paulistas

Address: Chinchón 944 Tda. 128, San Isidro
Phone: 440-1945, 9812-5499
Web page:
Description: This is a small restaurant located inside a commercial gallery right in the heart of the financial district of San Isidro and you can access the gallery from Chinchón, Rivera Navarrete and Juan de Arona streets. It offers a good variety of empanadas. Among their specialties they have lomito, rodizio, chicken, choricao (sausage), feijao (beans and sausage), ham and cheese, seafood, veggie, oriental, etc. Since they are kind of small, you will need at least two of them to curb your craving. These empanadas were inspired on Brazilian rodizio and Peruvian empanadas and sauces. They have delivery service.
Price Range: Inexpensive

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