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Apr 14, 2008

El Hornero

Malecón Almirante Miguel Grau 983, Chorrillos
Francisco Masías 505, San Isidro
251-8109, 467-1721 (Chorrillos)
222-2610 (San Isidro)
Web page:
One of their locations is in the seafront of Chorrillos so you have a nice view, especially if you are seated on the second floor, while you enjoy the sea breeze. This was an old traditional house which is now decorated in a rustic style with lots of wooden barrels. The service is very good and friendly. They have a second location in San Isidro, pretty close to the financial district.

The food is very good and quite generous. Here you can have an individual BBQ with plenty of meat for two people. This BBQ brings delicious and juicy beef and it also comes with chicken, pork, anticuchos (beef heart skewers), sausage , morcilla (black sausage) and some other things like kidney and chinchulines (guts). The BBQ comes with warm rolls and butter, a fresh salad and French fries.
Since there is no cork fee you can bring your favorite wine or order one from the good selection they have.
Price Range: Moderate to expensive

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