Peru Taste: Highlights

Jan 4, 2008

Antigua Taberna Queirolo

Address: Av. San Martín 1090, Pueblo Libre
Phone: 460-0441
Web page:
Description: Very old and traditional restaurant and tavern. Opened in 1880, it is located in the heart of the historic downtown of Pueblo libre. Although they offer seafood and criollo dishes like cebiches, escabeches, rocoto relleno (stuffed hot chili pepper), cau cau (stew of beef tripe and potatoes) and tamales, they are probably better known because of their sandwiches and drinks. You can get roasted pork, ham and cheese sandwiches.
They sell their own wines and Pisco (Santiago Queirolo). You can order a pisco sour, a chilcano or even a res, i.e. a whole bottle of pisco, soda (ginger ale), lemon, plenty of ice and some syrup, in order for you to prepare your own chilcanos (see Pisco).
Price Range: Inexpensive

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