Peru Taste: Highlights

Jul 11, 2007

El Sillar

Address: Jr. Atahuallpa 229, Miraflores
Phone: 446-2727
Web page:
Description: Small restaurant with a very simple and sober decoration located a few blocks from the main plaza of Miraflores. During week days you can find menú económico or menú ejecutivo which include a selection of entrees and main courses from which you choose your lunch for a fixed inexpensive price. Drinks are included as well as a queso helado dessert (kind of ice cream of frozen milk, coconut, cinnamon and vanilla). Among the dishes offered in these menús you can find some traditional Arequipenian dishes but also some other criollo dishes.
You can also order a la carte traditional Arequipenian dishes like sarzas (onion salads with lamb or pig feet), cuy chactado and malaya frita but it is only on weekends when you can order some of their Arequipenian specialties like rocoto relleno (stuffed hot chili pepper) or adobo (a spicy stew of pork marinated in chicha de jora, ají panca, garlic and cumin, and then slowly cooked with onions, cinnamon and white pepper) which is served with bread.
Price Range: Inexpensive for the menús, moderate if a la carte

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