Peru Taste: Highlights

Dec 10, 2007

El Bolivariano

Address: Pasaje Santa Rosa 291 (block 5 of Av. Sucre), Pueblo Libre
Phone: 261-9565, 463-6333
Web page:
This restaurant and bar has several spacious dining rooms decorated on a old colonial style. They offer a wide variety of criollo (creole) dishes like anticuchos, causa, rocoto relleno (stuffed red hot chili pepper), chicharrones de chancho (deep fried pork), as well as traditional seafood dishes as cebiches, tiraditos and chicharrones. They have different piqueos for two, three or more people that include varieties of cold or hot dishes so you can sample a mix of different dishes and share them with your friends and family. On Sundays there is a criollo buffet where you can eat as much as you can for a fixed price.

During evenings and nights it works more as a bar and besides pisco sour, wine, beer and other drinks you can can get a res, which is a local way of serving and drinking pisco. When you order a res you get a bottle of pisco, soda (ginger ale), lemon, plenty of ice and some syrup, so you can prepare your own chilcanos (see Pisco). You can also order half a res (half a bottle of pisco).
Price Range: Moderate

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