Peru Taste: Highlights

Jun 18, 2007

La Pava

Address: Av. Comandante Espinar 847, Miraflores
Phone: 447-5780
Web page:
Description: Small restaurant that is located half a block from Ovalo Gutierrez in Miraflores. Their criollo sánguches (Peruvian sandwiches) include pavo (turkey), lechón (tender roasted pork), chicharrón (deep fried pork), lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and anticucho (beef heart skewer) and you can choose among four varieties of bread: rosetta, ciabatta, white and brown baguettino (small baguette). The combo includes french fries and chicha morada. They also offer burgers, chicken, hotdog and taco sandwiches, among other sandwiches.
Price Range: Inexpensive

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