Peru Taste: Highlights

May 6, 2007

Punta Sal

Av. Conquitadores 948, San Isidro
Av. Canaval y Moreyra 611, San Isidro
Malecón Cisneros cuadra 3, Miraflores
Av. El Golf Los Incas 376, Camacho, La Molina
Sur Plaza Boulevard, Panamericana Sur Km. 97.5, Asia (opens only during the summer)
441-7431 (Av. Conquistadores)
475-1306 (Av. Canaval y Moreyra)
242-4524 (Malecón Cisneros)
436-0457, 434-2491 (Av. El Golf Los Incas)
530-7048, 530-7049 (Sur Plaza Boulevard)
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Description: A renown restaurant in Lima that offers excellent fresh seafood in traditional criollo and international style. The cebiche asesino con conchas negras y erizo is your choice if you are looking for a cebiche with strong flavors. The lomo saltado con camarones y flambeado al pisco is a nice innovation of the traditional lomo saltado. Their location in Malecón Cisneros has a nice ocean view.
Price Range: Moderate

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