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May 8, 2007

La Estrellita del Sur

Jr. Pedro Conde 413, Lince
Jr. Pedro Conde 480, Lince
440-0362, 422-6869
421-6306, 221-7941
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Description: The closest experience to an old traditional style picantería arequipeña (traditional middle-low class restaurant of Arequipa) you can find in Lima. Try the sarzas (onion salads with lamb or pig feet, cow udder, testis, head, machas or tolinas - Southern coast shellfish), chaque de tripas, malaya frita, rocoto relleno (stuffed hot chili pepper) or adobo (a spicy stew of pork marinated in chicha de jora, ají panca, garlic and cumin, and then slowly cooked with onions, cinnamon and white pepper) which served with bread is an experience to remember. You can refresh yourself with chicha de jora (slightly fermented purple germinated corn beer). For dessert you can order queso helado (kind of ice cream of frozen milk, coconut, cinnamon and vanilla). Finish your meal with a shot of anisado (strong anise-flavored liquor) on the house. The two locations are very close each other, one belonging to the father and the other to his son.
Price Range: Inexpensive

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